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Content Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 17000 words

centre Writing - Essay ExampleThus, it is important that when you hear the word limit, you should be able to create an analysis with the arguments that would put your article forward at a glance. This is where we at _________come in. This is important especially for a college hex essay where a lot of students have applied for limited slots within the university. The admissions committee would readily privation to separate the mess who have something to say and those who go around the bush. They also want to know you as a person and as a writer in as little time as possible through reading your article.Second, articles are given a limit because they want to know how you would shell out with pressure. They would want to know how deep is your understanding of an issue and how you will gather the necessary information into a good essay piece. The common error when composing an article with a word limit is that, people unconsciously disregard the basic essay structure, as they get too absorbed in relations with the word count. Without the structure, one would lose coherence and would not be able to weave the important points in concert within the word limit. Our company, ______________, is here to ensure that your essay is given a thumbs-up by whatever institution. relations with the stringent requirements of an article would surely be hard to deal with on your own. Our team of writers would readily financial aid you with the needs of your article. They received trainings for writing articles and readily know how to go about with writing the article. Their knowledge on writing is limitless and a big bonus is their innovative style of writing. We would match your needs with skills and talents as soon as we receive your order and this would keep the ball running.Let us help you with writing that article today. Contact our support team now and they would gladly and readily assist you every ill-use of the way. We would provide you with our best writers

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Client Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Client Relationship - Essay ExampleThink of your life as a consumer. There must be a retail establishment somewhere-maybe a deli, or a CD store-where you re on the wholey like to shop, because someone there always seems to k directly exactly what you want. So now visualize going into this store and having them screw something up, with the result that leaves you feeling a little angry. If it were any otherwise store, you think to yourself, youd take your line elsewhere. But the reason you dont go elsewhere is it would be too frequently trouble, right Youd have to teach someone at another store everything about your personal tastes that the person at this store has already learned. (Rogers, 2006)Remember that different needs are based on kind of businesses.CRM mans managing all clashs with the clients part of this is improving client service. A good CRM program will allow a business to acquire, serve, and retain quality clients. A good CRM program can improve customer service by facilitating communication in several ways issue a chemical mechanism to track all points of allude between a customer and the company, and do it in an integrated way so that all sources and types of contact are included, and all users of the system see the same view of the customer (reduces confusion). Help to identify potency problems quickly, before they occur. Provide a user-friendly mechanism for registering customer complaints (complaints that are not registered with the company cannot be resolved, and are a major source of customer dissatisfaction). Provide a fast mechanism for intervention problems and complaints (complaints that are resolved quickly can increase customer satisfaction). Provide a fast mechanism for correcting service deficiencies (correct the problem before other customers experience the same dissatisfaction). Use internet cookies to track customer interests and personalize product offerings accordingly. Use the Internet to engage in collaborative custom ization or real-time customization. Provide a fast mechanism for managing and scheduling maintenance, repair, and on-going support (improve efficiency and effectiveness). The CRM can be integrated into other cross-functional systems and thereby

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Changing role of computer assisted langauge learning (CALL) Essay

Changing role of estimator assisted langauge learning (CALL) - Essay ExampleGiven that scores of tutors and apprentices ar already on the brotherly media, the acquaintance with these sites makes it a comfortable avenue on which they can freely communicate and express their views. The SMs are social sites, which enhance socialisation, encourage creativity, as well as sharing of information. Consequently, these sites can be utilize to boost exchange of ideas and cooperation within the teachers and students body (Josteen, 2012). Page 4 According to Josteen (2012), the popularity of social media is another terra firma for choosing it as an educative media. The use of various social networks among students proves that a majority of them access SM from desktops or the use of mobile phones. Facebook ranks first in popularity among the other tools for social networking it has more than eight hundred zillion subscribers. Linked In and Twitter aim fewer users, at around 100 million and viosterol million users, respectively. This implies that they are quickly closing in on the gap opened by Facebook. The increase trend indicating the popularity in use of technology and social media in both current and incoming students have revealed to educators that social media serves the function of academically reaching out to a large number of students hence facts of life apprentices results in the classroom. Therefore, the use of SM facilitates sharing of information thus drawing people with similar educational and technological interests to unite. Page 8 Josteen (2012) asserts that such SM tools as Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Linked In are weave 2.0 appliances amplify the creation and exchange of user-generated content. In their elucidation of SMs relation to Web 2.0, Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) subscribe that SM is an Internet-based appliances group, which builds upon Web 2.0 ideological and scientific nitty-gritty, and facilitates the generation and sharing of user-g enerated substance. In SM, user-generated content implies the generated and exchanged digital images, text, video, as well as video. Moreover, SM entails a range of web-based appliances, which foster communication (Facebook, Twitter, and blogs), multimedia exchage (YouTube and Flicker), as well as collaboration (social bookmarking and wikis). Page 15 SM allows people to create networks throughout the world and augment relationships by swapping private and expert information. Josteen (2012) indicates that many instructors acknowledge SMs popularity thereby bringing up their curiosity in incorporating its usage into the contemporary classroom. Moreover, SM can have a favorable stamp on learning lords via the expansion of a system of contemporaries, community building, as well as social status engagement. By building an enhanced understanding via expert development, instructors can better recognise the best room of implementing SM in order to realise their pedagogical objectives. SM presents a professional advancement hazard without requiring an individual to leave his/her workstation. In addition, it offers instructors a channel of collecting resources, including research material and publications, for learning smart strategies via blog posts and videos in order to get news and updates affecting their areas of profession. SM saves instructors time and resources in achieving professional requirements while offering skills and experience in utilising SM to boost their teaching. Therefore, instructors should make

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How might a youth worker assist young people with the development of Essay

How might a early days worker assist young people with the development of moral thinking What atomic number 18 the issues for undertaking this lovely of work - Essay ExampleLate adolescence is when the jejuneness comprehends separation from the family and living an independent life. There argon a lot of directions that these adolescents pauperization. The physical and mental changes that come about develop their identity and character. It is quite infixed for parents to expect a change for the better. Expectations from parents and nightclub increase. This is a time when a youth, if not guided properly, quarter end up being a liability to society.Parents need to be careful in the panache they handle their children at this time. Children can get carried away and be influenced by the people around them. A time when they are told to grow up or act you age, these children must be counseled in knowing the right from wrong. This must be done profession eithery. Children are now in a position to understand their role in society and take a firm decision on their career.Many youths come through their adolescent geezerhood without problems. However, for some, it is a difficult rate of flow, necessitating a great deal more of understanding, patience and support. No two children are alike. Each child will have his/her own thoughts and views on life and parents experience different challenges on the way in the growth of their child. However, through their journey of adolescence, analogical situations faced by almost all adolescents areMeasuring the societys values and moral standardsIdentifying themselves with others a personal identityRebellion of authorityMoodinessTo an extent, an matter to in the opposite sexThis is the time when all the training and guidance thought to them will be of importance. There is no point in trying to impose on them, for the simple modestness that they would rebel. The youth should be taken into confidence and taught the aspects o f life. 2.0Executive SummaryMoral education is an integral part of psychological science and education. Never before have the reports of increased violent juvenile crime, teen pregnancy, and suicide been highlighted as now. The reason The numbers of cases just got longer and longer, outnumbering all other news reports in newspaper every day. maculation not all of these social concerns are moral in nature, they are complex. There is a need to find solutions to these problems so that children are better prepared to face the challenges of life more socially. It is much easier express than done. There are many potholes on the way to success. Adolescence is often stereotyped as a period of stress and turbulence, though this may be far from true. Many adolescents have shown a lot more resilience in the face of challenges and stress, quite a few have engaged in behaviours involving risk, and in that location are others

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economics - seek ExampleIn an oligopoly market structure there are a limited number of firms direct in the marketplace. In the market structure in which cut through operates the barriers of entry are high (Amosweb, 2011). This is champion of the reasons why there are a limited number of participants in the auto application. One of the major barriers of entry is capital. It takes billions of dollars to create the infrastructure necessary to become an auto maker. The learning curve to become economical at producing cars is long, thus experience is extremely important. The price elasticity of demand in the auto industry is medium. Customers care about price, but there are lots of other features that add value much(prenominal) as reliability, warranty, luxury, and performance which ultimately determine the price point of the automobile. A strategy Ford has employ in the last couple of years is introducing hybrid vehicle models. One of its best selling models is the Ford Fusion H ybrid. The economic profits in an oligopoly market structure depend on the other players (Answers, 2011). For practice when one company has clearance sales, other firms follow and implement similar strategies. Players in oligopoly markets such as Ford have power over their suppliers. References Amosweb.com (2011). Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition. Retrieved March 7, 2011 from http//www.amosweb.com/cgi-bin/awb_nav.pl?s=wpd&c=dsp&k=oligopoly+and+monopolistic+competition Annual Report Ford Motor (2009).

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Land Use Effects on Water Quality at Different Sites along the River Literature review

discharge Use Effects on Water Quality at Different Sites along the River Ribble - Literature inspection ExampleSeveral scholars have released many notable scarpers regarding river preservation. This literature review will research the serious points stated by some of them and discover how various methods suggested by them will be useful to protect the unique nature of the river Ribble in England. River Ribble situated on the North Western part of England is an important river in the UK. River Ribble originates in the Yorkshire Dales region and flows east draining into the Irish Sea. River Ribble covers nearly 110 Km from its jump point to the joint where it merges with the Irish Sea. Five rivers - Darwen, Douglas, Calder, Hodder and Ribble - drain into the Ribble estuary. The Ribble River is home to thousands of different birds and fishes. The Ribble estuary is one of the biggest in the UK. The 7 km stretch of the River Ribble starting from Settle and lasting till Cow Bridge is considered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The area is home to nearly 34,000 birds and numerous fishes like Atlantic salmon, crawdaddy and unique organisms like Eurasian otter. River Ribble is considered as one of the important wetland sites in the UK, as it is teeming with full(prenominal) biodiversity. The latest research conducted in 2011 suggests a large part of this 7 km stretch is rendered inauspicious because of constant flooding and high pollution levels. As a result a fully nurture Long Preston Deeps SSSI River Restoration Plan was launched in 2010 (Natural England, 2011). Several organizations, like the EU Water Framework Directive, work with the aim of restoring the natural features of the Ribble basin as it is being dirty severely in the recent age owing to various reasons. All over the world, there are four main reasons for river basins getting polluted drastically. 1. The first major reason is sewage discharge. Human faecal discharges are a ma jor act of water pollutant even in developed Western countries. Sewage disposal is usually released into the river in from of outfall pipes, by dumping the sewage sludge in the rivers or through the wash water which brings with it an enormous tot of animal waste and fertilizers used in the adjoining lands. Converting the marshlands close to the river into agricultural lands will increase this problem by many folds. Domestic waste, organic wastes, industrial wastes everything forms a part of this sewage. The same water is purified exploitation chlorine in the drinking water treatment plants. Excess chlorine addition to water increases the prescribe of bladder and colon cancer in people drinking them for many years (Perera & Boffetta, 1988). 2. Water discharges released from cooling plants in power stations and fertilizer producing companies can alter the natural temperature of the river disturbing its habitat enormously. 3. industrial and toxic wastes like organocholrines and r adioactive wastes are dumped into the river. They make the river water poisonous reducing its quantity and turquoise life severely. 4. Agriculture and horticulture use fertilizers extensively. When they are washed into the river, the natural nutrient content in the river is increase leading to the growth of harmful plants like phytoplanktons. Algal blooms also occur. They will absorb too frequently water for their growth killing the river eventually. Controlling intensive farming in areas very close to the river is a must to save it (Falconer et al, 2005). It is a well known fact that the effluent from the

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Performance Evaluation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Performance Evaluation Paper - try ExampleSecondly, in his rating the manager utilize terms that were not effective in the evaluation process. Instead of using the terms such as medium or low-medium, the manager could have used evaluation ratings such as outstanding, meets expectations, exceeds expectations, below expectations or unsatisfactorily (Robbins and Judge, 2007). In this way, it was possible for the manager to order the engineers attitude. Thirdly, the current evaluation form used by the manager does not signal methods of improving the negative aspects of the employees. Part A 1. Definition of the most commonly-used sets of evaluation criteria in organisations Productivity This is the bulk of products or services that an employee produces during his or her duties. Employers mostly reward highly productive employees to motivate them and enhance higher(prenominal) productivity. Quality It means the originality of the work done by the employees. It salutes the innovativ eness of an employee. Consistency This means production of similar spirit and quantity of work. Employers measure constituency by comparing the previous and the current evaluations. Attendance This is the rate at which the employees propound to work. It involves checking the attendance records and valid reasons for absenteeism. Adherence to policy It means the extent to which the employees abide to the procedures that ar set by the confederacy. Part B. The relative value of the commonly-used evaluation criteria defined in Part A 1 As mentioned in the previous section, employers are keen to reward the employees who portray significant productivity thus motivating them to work hard. Even though the amount of products by the employees is a major evaluation criterion, it should not compromise the quality of the products. This is the major reason as to why managers evaluate the quality of the work done by employees. In the same way, consistency ensures that employees who depicts wax es and wanes during their duties are noted and adequate training done to ensure they continue unswerving performance (Robbins and Judge, 2007). Attendance ensures that employees are there when they are needed by their employers. Employees who are consistently at work are highly desired by the employers and their co-workers. Adhering to policies set by a company ensures employees safety and an improved working environment. Part C. Advantages of including supervisors, peers, and subordinates in the evaluation process It ensures that the ratings are anonymous. In this way, individuals forget open and honest evaluation that cannot be singled out from the multiple sources. In addition, inclusion of the various stakeholders ensures that ratings portray multiple perspectives that are ignored by the top-down technique of evaluation adopted by the conventional appraisals. In the same way, including supervisors, peers, and subordinates during evaluation saves time and it provides helpful p erformance feedback (Thomas, 1987). This is due to the fact that there are no comparisons between workers, no goals and there are no figures involved in the process. Part D. Disadvantages of including supervisors, peers, and subordinates in the evaluation process One of the major disadvantages of including supervisors, peers, and subordinates in the evaluation process is that the possibility of giving for sale feedback is high. For example, subordinates may give dishonest feedback

Art history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Art history - Essay Example gay perspective is the proficiency of creating a work of art that shows how atmospheric conditions influence perception of distance objects. Objects nigher to the sentiment have lighter tones, and less detailed than objects far from the horizon. A good example is feel at at the sky whereby the part directly above a person looks bluer, but looking towards the horizon the color fades and bes lighter. Evidence of application of aerial perspective can be seen in architectural drawings much(prenominal) as a city plan. Artists realized that moisture and dust in the atmosphere caused the light transition through it to scatter. The most scattered is the short wavelength, which is blue, and the least scattered is the long wavelength, which is red. This results in far looking objects to appear bluer, paler, and hazier. Landscape painters utilized this principle to present the atmosphere between the viewer and distant objects such(prenominal) as mountains. The atmosphere makes distant objects appear with less distinct edges and outlines than objects nearer to the viewer. Among the first painters to utilize this technique was Leonard Da Vinci who invented the term aerial perspective. In the painting of by Masaccio, Tribute Money, there is evidence of wobble in color and value of the composition as the viewers eyes move from the sidle up backwards. As the viewer looks backward, the hills in the painting become lighter and lighter, and also bluer. Moreover, the objects in the background appear cooler than the foreground objects.

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Staffing Plan for a Growing Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business - Assignment ExampleThe assembly-line employees have to take a practical test in ensnare to prove their proficiency in their area of expertise whereas, any experienced lawyer give the axe join the organization as contract administrator. The provide go out be part-time in disposition because the confederation will non be able to afford a legal expert as a regular employee. The assembly line technicians will get paid on daily soil in order to keep the relevant costs lower in order to enhance the lucrativeness of the company in the opening days. However, once the orders are secured, and the company will start supplying management cameras to different states then, it will be in position to take traditional approach towards organizational social structure and culture. In the meanwhile, it has to operate with a loosely coupled system because the future is uncertain to say the least. The intensity level of sales will cement the identity of th e organization or it will destroy the company altogether. The post of control engineer will be permanent because his presence will be required at all times.The company will have to make a serious effort in order to provide the employees with healthy environment to work in, and if it cannot do so then, the workers will reserve the right to go with legal proceedings upon finding working conditions unsatisfactory. The company at the same time has to offer them lower limit wages so that they cannot take the matter to the court as well (Fevre, Robinson, Lewis, & Jones, 2013). Larger percentage of the employees will be doing temporary work, and therefore, they will not have any right to claim healthcare benefits. However, the company has to maintain onsite emergency healthcare service in order to deal with unfortunate mishaps.The practice of staffing does not constitute a random process, but it is rather a sophisticated one indeed, because it has to establish ruminate descriptions, job analyses, and payrolls as well. All of the abovementioned

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The Evolution of Multi-National Enterprises Responses to The Research Paper

The Evolution of Multi-National Enterprises Responses to The Challenges of Globalization - Research authorship ExampleThe heterogeneity of the work involved also has become more complex just as in the case of coordination of multiple salary currencies. More research and involvement on the differential operational needs of the company including their staffing policy is also much challenging. However, the process of globalization is, in turn, a payoff of scope for companies as it would enable them with the choice of a wide selection of manpower and a several(a) market scope spread crossways the globe. This process has also equipped the management with better connectivity with its counterparts across the globe which is at heart itself a quality assurance process. Globalization has provided the personnel managers with sufficient choices of capacity edifice processes for their staff. Diversity within the team enables the management of a wider thought process with differential insig hts on varied market requirements. So as to formulate the strategic policies pertaining to globalization, its important to analyze the range of conversion caused due to globalization. This section of the essay critically analyses the various challenges that the Multi-National Enterprises may face in the context of globalization. With reference point to each of these concerns possible responsible by the leaders and the companies also has been explained. A modern definition of floriculture is the shared ways in which groups of people understand and interpret the world (Fons & Charles 1997,p.3-4). A diversity in the interpretation and understanding as defined by Fons & Charles is very possible to be experienced within any team of modern days mainly due to the resultants of globalization namely in- sourcing and outsourcing. Moreover, the policies on the vary of manpower among different nationalities promoted by the shortage of skil direct manpower in many countries have led many wo rkinggroups to hire people belonging to different countries with diverse cultures.

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Auditing Process and Procedures for Smackey's Dog Food Inc Term Paper

Auditing Process and Procedures for Smackeys Dog sustenance Inc - Term Paper Example sulfur p profane over the Smackey Dogs food Inc. relate to issues of independence roles for the size up team. The audited account standards is one of the influences to be notice, that have to be followed in establishing the independence of auditing team involved in the audit of Smackey. The relationship between the owners (Kim) husband and the audit manager Pete is going to influence the disclosure and clobberity of the audit contents. The fact that there is a relationship between the bank the bring is being sort and Alan, Kims Husband depicts a loan relationship. SEC requires ethical principles to be observed by auditors. Independence is one of the six ethical principles of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) tag of Professional Conduct. The other principles are responsibilities, the public interest, integrity, objectivity and independence, due care, and scope and n ature of services. Section 303 of the SEC prohibits officers or directors of a company from manipulating, misleading, coercing or acting fraudulently towards the audit team in a manner to influence the auditor to issues financial information, knowingly or not, that the act could lead to rendering the audit immaterial. In this case, Alan obtains information from the audit manager during beers that will be shared with Kim, the owner and further Sarah who is seek the loan. This is an issue that ought to be addressed as the result will be an adverse opinion. The underlying issues of Bens relationship with the bookkeeper Anita could be controversial in the resulting audit opinion. SEC elaborates on quality of disclosure and evidence. thither is no proof of how far the relationship went but the reliance on the word of mouth. Mutuality of interests is identify in this case between the two parties. This is likely to jeopardize the independence of the audit staff. Over auditing of a company s financial reports only materializes to full disclosure. However, the audit process should be within the indispensable set guidelines given by SEC. Question two In the initial planning of the audit, the activities to be include are an understanding of the company in terms of description and history of the company, tax issues disclosure, types of the customers, the internal audits, quantify of the audit process amongst others. An assessment of the clients business risk will be make to see whether it is achieving its objectives. The audit team should assess the risk of material misstatements arising from Smackeys business risk. This is seen in the proud wastage in Smackeys Best Dog division that presents a lot of business risk, and therefore material misstatement risk. Performance of preliminary analytical procedures. A comparison will be made to that of the industry. This helps in identifying the areas of high risk of materiality. Set materiality and assess acceptable audit ri sk and inherent risk- precise and sure judgment is going to be applied by the auditor in assessing the materiality levels. Question triplet Stages of an audit Planning the auditor outlines all the activities that he will follow during the entire process. The auditor should lay down his plan for the vital internal controls to be assessed. In the case of Smackey, the team should focus on sales forecast, receivables approval and authority followed, armoury taking, fraudulent dealings in the company, debts approval etc. experiment of Internal control this process follows a critical analysis internal controls of the records, procedures and processes followed in the company. The auditor should meditate the sales forecast process, be present during the stock take, and consider evaluating the control checks for stores. The weakness in the stock control is seen where the employee is stealing from the company, assessing the debts and the pending legal suits. The effects of the customer s

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Short Answer Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

short Answer - Assignment ExampleThe intercessions become more dedicated and intricate as the stratagems sedulous at a particular stage are looked into.10. The watchword is to challenge the negativities and encourage the irresponsible aspects. For example, when the light is do on, the darkness automatically disappears. If the procedure has to work, it should include viability, desirability and efficacy. The responsibility rests upon teachers as well as the parents. Their positive dispositions leave an effect as for the teens capability to partake in societal and activities in the educational institution. The three areas of insufficiency abilities elucidated are communications skills, social skills and self-management skills. Constructive deportment backing, being to begin with a teaching method, is successful.11. Certain broad factors need to be identified such as polish identification, collecting information, developing assumptions, support plan design, execution and watching . Primary prevention approaches focus on intercessions employed on an educational institution-wise system for learners. This stage of deterrence is defined primary because majority of the students are enured on identical terms, also relating to identical stage to the intercession. The primary deterrence level is of consequence by the numerical point of view. Secondary level interventions are for a small and limited group as per the exclusive requirements of the students of this group which include societal backing like sharpening social skills by specific exercises or educational sustenance. Tertiary-level packages are mostly intensive or individual-based intercessions and are the most inclusive and intricate. Behavioral strategies categorized under PBS are many to enable toe students to transform their behavior. Some of these strategies are delivered through and through the consultation process by teachers. To prevent the most severe forms of problem behaviors, normal social behav ior in

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Implications Of Plastic Elimination For The Human Essay

Implications Of pliant Elimination For The Human - Essay ExampleAs such various environmental issues the like pollution due to the accumulation of such waste in natural habitats occur. In addition, wild and domestic animals sometimes ingest these plastics or entangle in them do a menace. Furthermore, the leaching of chemical substances present in these plastics into the disfigurement pollutes the terrestrial, marine, and freshwater habitats, which subsequently affects plants and animals. In the economic front, many losses have been incurred because of ghost angle, which results from discarded fishing nets in water bodies (SEPDP, 2011).Plastics can be hazardous to military man health as well, especially when its chemical constituents accumulate in human bodies. This process is referred to as bioaccumulation and causes a myriad of health problems in human bodies. A good example is the component phthalate that has been shown to affect the male fruitful system after exposure (Hu et. al., 2009). This is due to the effect of phthalates on hormones. Studies have shown that phthalates either mimic or interfere with actions of natural hormones like estrogen and androgens. In males, this plasticizer is associated with testicular dysgenesis syndrome, TDS (Hu et. al., 2009). This term refers to a number of disorders and abnormalities in the male reproductive system. Exposure to phthalates causes a condition referred to as cryptorchidism, which is characterized by undescended testes. Another condition, hypospadias, indicating abnormal urethral meatus is in like manner caused by phthalate exposure in young males. In addition to these effects, phthalate exposure also affects adult males, causing reduced fertility and cancer cases. This could affect the future population in terms of birth defects that could give-up the ghost to abnormal or malformed reproductive organs. This coupled with reduced fertility and increased cancer threatens the founding and survival of future generations.

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HRD 495 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

HRD 495 - Essay ExampleFourth is being a capacity builder in recount to do culture and capability audits of the organization. Fifth is being a strategic positioner which involves constructing HR reactions that argon in line with the external requirements (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2012). With the changes in the nature of business, there has been a refocusing and expanding in HR roles. In order to meet the expectations of organizations, senior HR leaders have to react by recognizing and acquiring the competencies necessary for their dynamic functions. The major additional competencies required by senior HR leaders atomic number 18 leading change, strategic thinking and effective communication.Strategic human resource management is formulated to abet companies in meeting the various needs of their employees while also promoting company goals. SHRM is a component that is precious in ensuring organizational success as it helps in attaining a competitive edge as pertains to flexibili ty, hail and quality. It is therefore necessary for SHRM to include the individuals that the organization is involved in business with. It is through them that sustainability can be attained by creating values that could non be implemented by indirect and direct competitors. organizational success could also be attained by continuous investment by an organization in its image or reputation, emphasizing on the need for sound HR practices and policies and adjusting them with the business strategies through SHRM. Therefore, SHRM is not merely a strategy that is centered on the organizations human aspect solely is a holistic approach which builds on the human asset as value-creating factors (Ivancevich, 2010).It is an employers aim to shoot the best person for a particular job irrespective of their age. There have been a bulk of misconceptions regarding hiring older workers pertaining to productivity, health, up-skilling, and blocking

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Why does Mackie think we need an error theory Do you think he is right Essay

Why does Mackie think we need an misplay system Do you think he is right to believe that we need it - Essay ExampleThe error possible fleckion suggests that morals atomic number 18 non absolute, that what is morally right or wrong vary from bingle indian lodge to an another(prenominal). It is a theory that states that morals are judged, not by the universal moral norms, but harmonize to the society within which a circumstance calls for moral clarification (Dorsey 2006, p.495). When one considers the definition above, it basin be stated that the morals are no longer absolute in different societies because of the fact that they fork up evolved over a long period, changing considerably from one society to another. A good event of the proponents of this theory, such as John Mackie, believe that morality was an invention of societies to maintain control over its members, and it is because of this that morality varies. If, for instance, morals and social norms were universal in all the societies, in the world, then there would have been no differences in morals, and as a result, the error theory would not have been developed. The error theory states that the bringing close together of morality or the adherence to morals depends on the assumption that they inhabit this assumption being morose because morals are not based on the reality of the situations being judged. Error theory stub be considered a viewpoint where there is the belief that morality is dependent on the norms of the cultures, which practice it. It is these societies which go over whether the actions of individuals is morally right or wrong and those who propagate this theory believe that there is nothing that commode be said to be the absolute truth concerning morality because what is considered to be right in one society may not be considered the same in another. If one were to consider Mackies statements concerning the error theory, the fact that what is considered morally right in one society may not be so in another show that morality is not a universal norm. There are frequently chances where what is considered morally right in one culture may be considered wrong in another, an illustration being the situation of homosexuality. While, in the western world, homosexuality is an accepted norm in society, in other parts of the world, especially in Africa and Middle East, one would find that this practice is frowned upon, and those found in the act tend to be severely punished. Therefore, when it comes to the concept of the error theory, the opinion of what is right or wrong is not judged by norms that would be considered universal because of the fact that it cannot be measured nor do the said morals exist (Delapp 2009, p.8). Morals, if one were to follow Mackies argument, are made up by the societies, which put them in quarter and because of this, these societies become slaves to concepts, which are logically nonexistent. Among the main advantages of using t he error theory when considering morals is the fact that a broad range of views concerning morals is taken into consideration. Since there is a wide variety of cultures and practices, it is easier for one to set to any situation that one may encounter through the understanding of the motivations behind the development of several(a) cultural norms as well as look upon such morals in an objective way. Moreover, it can be said that the error theory can be used towards the development cultural understanding, which ensures that lot are judged, not according to the opinions of other cultures, but according to that of their own cultures and societies. It recognizes that fact that morals are nonexistent and this creates a situation where societies can be studied on an equal footing. Since it is the society which settle what is right or wrong, the people within it have a clear understanding of what is