Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Virtual Tours vs. Written Word Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Virtual Tours vs. Written Word - Assignment Example One can only explore the virtual world to the extent of seeing the physical features of the place. This limits the experience compared to actual visits. For this reason, virtual tours are very good in the marketing of a place to other people. The rough feel of a place can be. Travel agencies and countries can, therefore, manipulate the technology and use it to promote their own country’s tourism industry (Griggs 2014).  There are different companies whose version of virtual reality is as precise as Sony’s 3D glasses. Google maps, for example, has a classic simulation of the United States of America. A person that has not been to the continent can easily search a state, and get a precise version of the place. It is important to note that the difference in the way that the company has simulated the place on the ground is different from the actual reality. However, the features that are on the ground are very accurate.   The technology is far from completion. Scientist s are working on n audio version of virtual reality to complement the video functionality. The technology is called binaural audio. One of the most impressive features of this technology is that the sound that one hear is produced by simulating the process that humans have when hearing their reality. The resulting a replication of the sound that is in the real world. One of the most impressive features of this technology is its ability to capture the sound in the same way that the human ear capture sound. It is by far the most important and technologically advanced means of hearing things.

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