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Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Farming in the...

PLAN Title: What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming to the Pacific Community? C: Organic Farming L: Pacific Community/Benefits D: What INTRODUCTION Context: Agriculture/Environment Subject: Organic Farming Limited Subject: Pacific Community/Benefits Issue: What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming to the Pacific Community? Thesis Statement: This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming to the Pacific Community in terms of growers benefit, consumers benefit and environmental benefits. Main Idea 1- Disadvantages a) Time Consuming Example: It is basically labour intensive thus it takes more time than capital intensive. : It takes more time for green manure and compost†¦show more content†¦And also preparing the composts and green manure fertilizers is very time consuming as decaying process needs favourable/weather conditions and time thus this delays the harvesting time of the crops. Also since it is characteristically labour intensive then chemical and mechanical agriculture, a farmer may not be able to produce as much yield as he would have produced if mechanical agriculture was used. Nonetheless another disadvantage of organic farming in the Pacific is that costs of organically producing is very high because lots of labours has to be hired since weeding and pest control require more human eyes and hands to manage. Also there are relatively high costs associated with attaining and/maintaining organic certification. Since the farmers in the pacific have just recently been introduced to organic farming, they do not possess the relevant farming skills thus they will not be able to secure the desired yield. Hence despite investing/huge sum of money on labour, in short run it is not beneficial as labours do not have the skill to effectively get the considered necessary yield. In addition, due to people’s inexperience the farming techniques used are not well developed and widespread thus farmers have to improvise and use modern farming/methods with organic farming in order to do this type of farming. Production and cultivation methods are the twoShow MoreRelatedGenetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos ) Essay2207 Words   |  9 PagesThis paper explores the history, uses, advantages, and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All of the examples exhibited explore different aspects of GMOs found in recent research. From growing GMO crops to the health factors of eating GMO crops, this investigation illustrates vital information to form one’s own opinion on GMO use. Most farmers are in support of GMO crops because they are produced quickly and in large quantities. Some consumers are in support of GMO crops becauseRead MoreEssay on The Downside of Bottled Water1836 Words   |  8 Pageswhen they go to buy a bottle of water. This is a very disturbing fact in a few different perspectives. Bottled water can be carried in many different ways; it could either come by train, boat or truck. Each of these has their disadvantages and their advantages. The advantages would be to have a variety of different drinks in this case. For example, many of the bottles of water sold here in the United States do NOT get made here. We get many of our brands of water from places such as Fiji. AnotherRead MoreMarketing Plan for the Body Shop7278 Words   |  30 Pagesthe imperfection on the skin. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Concealer, which launched in 2009, is this marketing plan’s character. Tea Tree Concealer is a handy portable stick to conceal blemishes which without over drying the skin. It also produce with organic tea tree oil. Tea tree oil’s ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits and an infusion perfect to help blemished skin. Based on the SWOT analysis of Tea Tree Concealer, it mentions that Tea Tree Concealer needs to be more popular andRead MoreNew Zealand And India Trade Agreement Essay3385 Words   |  14 Pages European Union, United States of America, China, South Korea and Japan. There is a lot of potential for trade between India and New Zealand. India is good in producing the agricultural products and the occupation of 60 % of Indian population is farming. New Zealand is a developed country and can get best quality agricultural products from India which they need at a low cost when compared to buying from other countries, mainly because of the cheap labour and high productivity. India and New ZealandRead MoreBusiness Strategy for Campbell Soup4427 Words   |  18 Pagesvegetable-based beverages. Campbell’s portfolio features many market-leading icon brands such as: in simple meals, Campbell’s soups globally and Liebig and Erasco soups in Europe; in baked snacks, Pepperidge Farm in North America and Arnott’s in Asia Pacific; and, in healthy beverages, V8. Headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, Campbell employs nearly 20,000 people in more than 20 countries. There products are sold in approximately 120 countries. Campbell is a Fortune 500 company listed and principallyRead MoreFalcata4712 Words   |  19 Pagestree for the humid tropics. One of the fastest growing of all tree species, it is used for pulp and other wood products, fuelwood, ornamental plantings and shade for coffee, tea and cattle. Potential uses for which it is being tested include alley farming and intercropping in forest plantations.      BOTANY:  Falcataria belongs to the Leguminosae (subfamily: Mimosoideae). It is most widely known by its former name,Albizia falcataria  but it also has been called  Ã‚   A. moluccana  and  A. falcata. FalcateRead MoreHow Starbucks Enter Into the Hong Kong Market5983 Words   |  24 Pages........................................................ 11 Entry to Hong Kong market – Joint Venture ............................................................................ 12 Advantages of the joint venture entry strategy ....................................................................... 12 Disadvantages of the joint venture entry strategy .................................................................. 13 Standardization vs. adaptation .............................................Read MoreStarbucks Analysis7510 Words   |  31 PagesSeattles Pike Place Market. Starbucks was named after the first mate in Herman Melvilles Moby Dick and is the worlds leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee with coffeehouses in North America, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. In Canada, Starbucks is a major player within the specialty coffee market. The top speciality coffee retailers in Canada are: Second Cup, Timothys Coffee, Starbucks, Symposium Cafà ©, and Tim Hortons. Other direct competitors include: WilliamsRead MoreTourism Industry in Taiwan6152 Words   |  25 Pages 9. Social and Economic Impacts 23 10. Conclusion 24 1. Introduction Taiwan is the only East Asian island that is crossed by the Tropic of Cancer. Geographically, it is located at the point where the Asian continent meets the infinite Pacific Ocean, bringing it lots of unique natural landscapes as well as various kinds of plant and animal species, which brings Taiwan abundant opportunities to cultivate a prosperous tourism industry. Put in more detailed, Taiwan possesses many types ofRead MoreTransportation in Food Industry7769 Words   |  32 Pagesmovement of equipment and food supplies so that a nation can have access to food all year round. Transportation is vital to a nation’s economy. 1.1 Food Transportation No matter whether they are genetically modified, certified organic or grown using conventional farming methods, no matter if partially processed for use as food ingredients or canned, food commodities and products have a significant commonality: They require multiple steps in their transportation between point of origin and point

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