Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sand mandala by tibetan buddhist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sand mandala by tibetan buddhist - Essay Exampletive energy in the environment, the sand gathered from a mandala ceremony can be used in person or animals that are dying or stick a portion of the sand on the crown top of the bye (You tube-shaped structure b).Ceremonies using different musical instruments to make a monotone sound and chanting are necessary as it enables the participants to experience peace of attend and deep concentration before and after the creation of sand mandala. The monotone sound also enables the monks and other participants to meditate in silence together (You Tube b). On the other hand, the extremity of pouring the sand into a creek is being done in order to allow the sand to flow with the water. This process symbolizes the spreading blessings, love and compassion to all human beings.Having read and observed how sand mandala is being performed is a very good experienced. Based on my in-person observation and experiences about sand mandala, I have learn ed that the eight different parts of the center of the mandala symbolizes the eight noble paths of Tibetan Buddhism which includes (1) redress sympathy (2) right thought (3) right speech (4) right action (5) right livelihood (6) right effort (7) right mindfulness and (8) right concentration unheeding of the art design of the mandala (Rahula, p. 45).These eight highlighted characteristics are actually the key factors that can bring us inner happiness, contentment in life, and freedom from anger. With the use of right speech, right action, and right livelihood, we can easily avoid actions that can cause harm to other people. For example Being careful with the words we use when we sing to other people combined with choosing a morally acceptable occupation can lessen the chance that we can cause emotional pain to other person (Bodhi, p. 41). Therefore, there is a higher chance that we will receive good karma in our next life. Likewise, having the opportunity to personally experience how sand mandala is being conducted also made me able to

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