Monday, June 17, 2019

The car that saved JLR Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The car that saved JLR - Coursework ExampleThe culture of an organization is an eminent part of numberless decisions made in business. The ideas, assumptions, ethics, values, attitude, and belief of an enterprise govern ways in which employees think and behave. last is considered as a base of organizational strength that directs the resources and holds them together. Culture is often defined as a concoction of inheritance, customs, values, lifestyle, and tradition sh ard within a social group (Hanges, et al., 2004). Although the definition of organizational culture is unclear, barely it is very important for every organization. The organization culture differs from one organization to another. At many situations, the terms organization culture and corporate culture are used interchangeably. Corporate culture is the reflection of an organizations personality. It takes into account shared values, methods, and policies that are implemented by an organization and its employees in orde r to correspond everyday business problems (Milne, 2007). The corporate culture of an organization is reflected in its employees attitude and behavior. The culture of any enterprise adds meaning, clarity, and dimensions to its various functions, thereby helping to chance on organizational goals. The organization culture allows employees to be on the same platform and defines the way they interact among themselves (Seel, 2000).According to Fincham and Rhodes (2005), main attributes of culture is that it is symbolic, unifying and holistic in nature.

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