Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Battle for Space in Shaw Essay -- Development Space

The Battle for home in Shaw Groups, classes or fractions of classes cannot constitute themselves or recognize one another as subjects unless they drive (or produce) a space. Ideas, representation, or values which do not succeed in making their mark on space. depart lose all pith and effect mere signSpaces investment - the production of space has nothing incidental about it it is a matter of life and death. Henri Lefebve, The Production of SpaceLefebvres quote speaks of the production of space as a common, inevitable Occurrence. Different groups, organizations and people, are constantly producing spaces. These groups are in existence only because they have generated a space and occupied it. Today, a battle for space is occurring throughout DC and other urban areas throughout the country in the vision of new Global, full(prenominal) tech cities. What is left of the existing space and the people who occupied it prior? Lefebvre suggests that these ideas, representation, and values that are unsuccessful in keeping their ground eventually fade and make up mere memory. The public commonly hears the word development a fancier world that legitimizes a particular production of a space. (Class discussion 3-17-01) In mainstream society, producing a new office complex or a shopping center is thought of as an engine that generates new jobs and production that brings great amounts of money into the area. Although this exemplar is successful, it fails to recognize other, less dramatic models of economic development that also stimulate growth and change without hurting an entire community. Development, defined by Raymond Williams can sic and confuse virtually any generalizing description of the current world economic order, and... ... packet 320) Like McGovern suggest, this way of thinking involves a change in knowingness away from the hegemony that has taught as to think this way. The underlying truth is that development will hurt Shaw Mayor Williams and other deve lopment officials may provide enticing study about the benefits that a Global city will have on DCs economy. In the long run, however, this help - greater revenues from department stores and cafs, appraise incentives for new home buyers and businesses, and attracting the rich suburbanites who finally want a part of city life - will repave and destroy the Shaw neighborhood and eventually all of DC. As Lefebve says the production of space has nothing incidental about it it is a matter of life and death and in the near future, maybe the only thing left, will be a lifeless plaque that commemorates the forgotten residents of Shaw.

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