Monday, August 12, 2019

Are early intervention programs like Early Head Start worthwhile Essay

Are early intervention programs like Early Head Start worthwhile - Essay Example The four areas are cognitive development, physical development, social development, and emotional development. Catering to the four areas enhances the poor child’s learning capacity. The early intervention programs like IDEA and Early Head Start are worthwhile endeavors (Currie, 2001). The Early Head Start program is defined as the early intervention learning strategy of our government. The program helps families equip their child for their first entry into the formal school classroom environment. The program caters to families having children within the three years old or younger age group. Likewise, the program includes mothers who are currently pregnant. The program trains the parents ensure the child learning experiences are maximized (Currie, 2001). B. The Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) intervention program is worthwhile (Duncan, 2010). The Early Learning Program cooperates with other education programs that are being implemented by our United States government. The IDEA program focuses on helping the disabled members of North American society improve their learning capabilities. The IDEA program includes a specialized learning program that is fitted for the disabled person. For example, the Braille learning system is used for the blind learning child. Sign language is used as a medium of learning instruction in a classroom of deaf-mute students. Further, the IDEA program is divided into several areas of child learning specialization. One area is reading comprehension. Another area is disabled child learning progress tracking. A third area is child learning accommodations. A fourth area is child learning assessment. A fifth area is child behavior improvement leading to better learning capacity. The IDEA program states the United States government prioritizes learning programs that are tailored to fit each disabled person’s learning situation (Duncan, 2010). C. Use of play materials early

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