Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The relationship researches establish with those they study Essay

The relationship researches establish with those they study. (Questioning the Us vs. Them divide) - Essay Example For a time, an intellectual compromise seemed an unreachable destination. Until the World Health Organization offered an operational elucidation, which for decades now, holds the title for acceptability and universality. WHO states that gender pertains to the socially created roles, behaviors, activities and characteristics that a particular group of people deems appropriate for the male and the female (WHO). Gender systems, on the other hand, are binary and hierarchic classifications and distinctions based on empiric (biological) or social considerations: male or female; man or woman. This set of categorization, which determines how society looks at and deals with a person, is a matter of great importance. But â€Å"even though there are actual differences between the two human beings, these do not signify that one sex is better than the other† (Lippa 2). From Mars, from Venus The school of Gender Fundamentalism posits that men and women are absolutely and intrinsically diffe rent in so many ways more than the physical. That an attempt to ask which genitalia is better than the other is way too nonsensical. ... According to him, both sexes have communication patterns that are situated in opposite poles. In times of stress, women cope by narrating their stories with others, while men just shy away and retreat before any resolution is achieved. In terms of intimate relationships, men desire to be trusted, appreciated and needed; while women long to be cherished, cared for and affirmed (Gray 15-16). But a close examination of Dr. Gray’s bestselling book tells readers that aside from the unmistakable differences in behavior, outlook and character, men and women still have fundamental similarities with each other. This point-of-view is supported by a book written by communication connoisseur Deborah Cameron in 2007, as a seeming rejoinder to Gray’s nonfiction masterpiece. She points out that the theories of Darwin hold water in the case of social roles and relationships between the sexes. In her dissertation, she also cites that the linguistic variations between the male and the fe male ‘discourse patterns’ are rooted from childhood when the socialization process begins. â€Å"The need to create and to express personal meaning and identity are significant players in the characterizations of men and women. Both desire to be understood. Both need to be accepted. The difference only lies in how society views their actuation† (Cameron 55). Another insightful discussion on this matter shall be undertaken in the succeeding portion of this paper. History versus Herstory Since the dawn of civilization, societies are governed by leaders who are identified with the ‘male’. Anthropologists and even the members of the laity know that societies are inclined to be patriarchal, if not chauvinistic in favor

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