Thursday, August 8, 2019

Causal analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Causal analysis - Essay Example A murderous event appears normal to the villagers. This depicts the innate evil of human nature. The pretense of the villagers is extreme especially when they are preparing for what appears like a celebration but turns out to be a murder. This paper focuses on the reasons why leaders will always be able to relate the story The Lottery and be scared. As depicted by the immediate reaction after its release, The Lottery is a story that scares the readers due to the ingenuous way it depicts the nature of humans. The story cannot be ignored due to the emotions it creates in the reader. The story generates very many questions left for the reader to analyze. The author does not explain the reason why the villagers conduct the lottery. This triggers the author to conceive the irrationality that can arise when people follow ideas they do not approve just because they have been in existence for long. The author does not give the name of the village where the ritual is occurring. The anonymity helps the reader to relate with the idea that the vicious event could be happening anywhere in the society (Jackson 4-8). The wicked nature of humans displayed in this story gives the reader a reason to be scared. From the start of the lottery, the participants act like if they are in a celebration. A person reading the story would expect that the winner would be rewarded. However, the villagers are aware of the consequences awaiting one of them. The reader only comes to this realization when the villager start collecting stones to kill one of his or her own (Anonymous 11-13). Another reason why the reader will always relate to the story and be scared is the level of hypocrisy depicted in the story. For several years the villagers engage in such a terrible and inhuman act, which none of them seems to question. It is possible that some are opposed to the event but remain silent not to be criticized for questioning the traditions. This is petrifying and it demonstrates the extent to w hich humans are willing to go to avoid being isolated from their families and friends. Although most show anxiety towards the event, they do not object. The anxiety amongst the villagers is depicted by comments such as â€Å"Don’t be nervous Jack† (Jackson 28). Irrespective of the anxiety revealed by some of the villager, they all go along with most of them feigning enthusiasm (Jackson 12-15). Although the villagers do not declare their opinions, it is clear that they disapprove the event since "Mr. Summers spoke frequently to the villagers about making a new box, but no one liked to upset tradition as was represented by the black box." The box after so many years is "Faded and stained" (12). Just as they are scared of upsetting their traditions, they participate in the event out of fear, which makes them hypocrites. The extent of hypocrisy in humans as demonstrated in the story is terrifying. However, it clearly depicts the effects of peer pressure when the influence is negative. Activities such as those perpetrated by gang families dealing with drugs are good examples on the inhumanity amongst humans (Jackson 16-21). Another reason why readers will relate with this story is the level of irony depicted. The name given to the event makes the reader associate the event with reward as is usually the case in a lottery. However, the person who succeeds in the event turns out to be a

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