Friday, August 23, 2019

Public Administration and Apply Behaviorist Theory to a Work Issue Essay

Public Administration and Apply Behaviorist Theory to a Work Issue - Essay Example Each of these concepts describes the change in a person’s behavior and the reason for such changes. The conditioned response relates to an activity that results due to a different incident. The next concept of behaviorist theory is aversive behavior. (Plaud, 1998). A person might exhibit a certain kind of behavior in response to a particular situation. This might be due to the disinterest towards the situation. Reinforcement aims at controlling the negative consequences of a behavior which helps in improving a person’s behavior. Consequences are one among the most important concepts of the behaviorist theory. A consequence generally arises from a particular decision or an action. Consequences generally turn out to be positive or negative depending on the behavior of the person. (Dewey, 1999). The situation too plays a major role in deciding the consequence of an action. These key concepts are generally applied to almost all the problems in varied areas. But these concep ts would perfectly suit an organization that deals with more number of problems and issues related to every single department of its. When comparing the other problems, the issue relating to the company’s production. The most common issue is the decline in the quality of the product a company manufactures.

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