Friday, August 16, 2019

Life of Stray Cats Essay

Stray animals like dogs and cats wondering around our neighborhood have become a norm across the globe because they reproduce quickly and uncontrollably. One of the pros of it is that they hardly will be extinct and we will always have our furry friends be around with us. But with only very little pros, it can never out power the cons that strays had to go through. They are always the number one victims of abuse, living in a malnutrition state, and involve in too many accidents and in the end of the day, only a small amount of people actually cares and pay attentions to these helpless animals. We always read articles about stray dogs but how many of us actually remember about stray cats? According to myth, cats have nine lives which makes us think that they are stronger, and can live longer compare to any other animals but as all of us know, it is not true. Cats only have one life just like every other animal. What makes us agree to the myths is because a lot of cats actually look alike, that even if one died, another cat will appear hence we will think it’s the same cats. Stray cats have to go through as much pain as stray dogs. They need to hunt for their own food, digging from one garbage bin to another, attacked by other stray cats, and got injuries all over the body. Worst of all, being abuse by immoral people who splash hot water or slash them without any guilty feelings. Cats also meet with accidents very often due to speeding cars, dark roads where drivers couldn’t see, or unhygienic food that they accidentally eat. They were eventually left to rot or being eaten by other animals such as crows and dogs. Who will actually care for their lives Although it’s impossible for us to adopt every stray cat on the street, but imagine if every family manage to keep a pet cat in their home. That can actually save a lot of their lives. Some might have allergies towards animals but you can still help by providing clean water and some food outside of your house for the cats. This can avoid them from eating poisonous or unhygienic foods and also let them have a healthier life. Last but not least, the best way to avoid over reproduction of strays is by spaying or neutering them. Do not just sit back and watch our furry friends die. One day, they might be gone from the surface of the earth forever. They deserve a second chance too. Start saving and adopting.

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