Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Marketing Communication Strategy of Standard Chartered Bank Essay

Marketing Communication Strategy of Standard Chartered Bank - Essay Example The revenue of the bank is generated more than 90% from the Middle East, Africa and Asia whereas the bank is United Kingdome based. (About, Standard Chartered Bank) The primary nomination of the Standard Chartered Bank was listed in London Stock Exchange and appears in the FTSE 100 Indexes. Till the 23rd December, 2011, the market capitalization of the Standard Chartered Bank was ?33Â  billion. This capitalization was entitled to the 13th Largest Primary Listing among all the listed companies in London Stock Exchange. (FTSE All-Share Index Ranking, 2012) The secondary listing of the Standard Chartered Bank was processed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and then National Stock Exchange (India). The major stock holder of the firm was owned by the Government of Singapore, owned Temasek Holdings. Background The Standard Chartered Bank named after the merger of two original separate banks which was working before this merger with the name of The Standard Bank, based on British South Africa an d used to be located at The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China as well. The Bank titled Standard Chartered Bank was founded in 1969 after merger of two independent banks. (History, Standard Chartered Bank) History of Standard Bank: The Standard Bank was established in Province of South Africa, Cape in 1862. It was the British bank founded by the Scotsman, John Peterson. The Standard Bank was the identical in financing on development of the Diamond Fields at Kimberley on 1867. The network from north to new town at Johannesburg was extended after the discovery of gold in 1885. (History, Standard Chartered Bank) History of Chartered Bank: The Chartered Bank was founded in 1853 by the Scotsman James Wilson by following the grant of Royal Charter through Queen Victoria. This charter was initiated the very first branch from Mumbai, Shanghai and Kolkata in 1858, subsequently, from the Hong Kong and Singapore after one year. The Chartered Bank start issuing the currency notes of H ong Kong Dollars in 1862 with launching of Suez Canal in 1869 and extended the operations towards China. (History, Standard Chartered Bank) Results of Strategies in shape of Awards Achievement The Standard Chartered Bank achieves many awards every year, which is the market recognition in every region of available market. Winning of the awards is the recognition of ideal and streamlined strategies accomplishment. The designing of the strategies was based on the prior research and development of the each region where the branches of the Standard Chartered exists. In the course of research, the management knows the market trend, requirement of the consumers as well as of the corporate and institutional sector. Furthermore, it relies on the market segmentation and providing the easily availability of the innovative financial products which covered the wide range of customers. The employees of the Standard Chartered Bank are well qualified and experts in industry and well diversified emp loyees. The proper training and development provides to each employee after detailed observation and analysis. There is most influential and diversified environment for workers who face the new challenges every day with new dynamic. The strategy planned by the management of the Standard Chartered Bank for the each origin of the focused market separately by considering the culture, religion, language and norms of the

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