Monday, August 12, 2019

Controls for Inflows Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Controls for Inflows - Essay Example I am proposing is that Apollo Shoes should consider examining the way the company operates and finding a way to cut back on the expenditures through the reduction of the packaging for their products, the cutback of their payroll, and cutback of frivolous expenses that do not really need to be made. Furthermore, Apollo Shoes needs to keep a close tab upon its inventory levels and the payroll. If these three components can be limited to a bare minimum that still enables Apollo Shoes to operate, then the company will be able to produce great profits. Sales affect the cash and the ways it is distributed throughout the company. Implementing sales control is tricky. The difficulty lies in making sure that the advertising budget does not spend more than Apollo Shoes is likely to bring in. Controlling sales requires three overall components: firstly, advertising has to be below the net sales of the shoes forecasted to sale that year; secondly, making sure that the store selling Apollo Shoes does not negatively influence the sales; and thirdly, knowledge of retail outlets clientele will help Apollo Shoes better sell the products. Inventory: Back stock will be needed to keep in the distribution centers to be ready to go out to the retail outlets when required. However, this needs to be kept at a minimum to cut back on the amount of cash. Demand: Know what the best selling products of Apollo Shoes are and keep more of those on the shelves than the others. Pushing the most popular products will allow Apollo Shoes to maximize its

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